String Quartet

The string quartet ensemble is the original choice for weddings and special events. Comprising of four musicians- 2 violins, viola and cello, the sound is rich, dynamic, full and harmonious. The quartet creates the most elegant visual impression and beautiful soundtrack to your event, suited for all occasions including outdoor weddings. String music by the great classical composers is best suited to this ensemble.

Derek Chai Photography
Derek Chai Photography

Sydney Ensemble String Trio

String Trio

The string trio ensemble is our most popular ensemble. It is a flexible ensemble comprising of 2 violins and 1 cello, suitable for all venues and spaces. The sound of the trio is similar to the quartet, although with one less instrument (usually the viola) is slightly softer, however usually more than adequate for weddings and receptions. The trio is well suited for performing contemporary songs and most classical pieces. This ensemble is a more affordable option to the string quartet.

String Duo & Solo Musicians

We provide solo musicians for creative media-related performances, corporate entertainment, audio & video recordings and collaborations with other artists. Please get in touch with us about your ideas.


We do not usually recommend or provide these ensembles for weddings due to the lack of suitability for these occasions. Duo and solo string performances generally don't live up to the visual presence, harmony and volume when compared to our string trio and quartet ensembles. Repertoire for solo and duo is also very limited, and can only provide a melody and bass line. If you are thinking of having a string duo or solo at your wedding/event please get in touch and we can advise you of suitability.

Sydney Ensemble performing on stage with Jimmy Barnes Rock Concert
Playing with Jimmy Barnes

Sydney Ensemble Stage Performance
Anthea performing as a 'special guest' with band

We play just about any requests. Here are some examples.

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