String Musicians for Weddings

Are you looking for string musicians for you special event?

Sydney Ensemble is a trio / quartet of professional string musicians who have performed at over 1000 weddings, receptions, and studio recording sessions, we bring an enchanting musical experience to your event with a passion that will bring pleasure to all involved.

We are always professionally and appropriately dressed for your event. Males normally wear all black, or a black suit with tie, and females all black. We are also flexible so that we can dress accordingly if you are having a themed colour or dress code.

We usually provide our services as string trio ensemble or string quartet ensemble. If you are not sure what are the differences between these 2 two string ensembles, checking out this page.

Here is one of our string trio wedding music samples:


Or you may be interested in hiring our string quartet for your wedding ceremony.

Whatever you choice is, we are going to try our best to make your wedding become an memorable one.

Please call or email to ensure your date is available.